Ageha Chono
Kanji 蝶野 アゲハ
Rōmaji Chōno Ageha
Personal Information
Age 32
Gender Female
Race Human
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Yellow
Relatives Seseri Chono (younger brother)
Professional Information
Magic None
Occupation Barrister
Affiliation Butterfly Law Office
Position Senior Partner
Partners Koromo Sasori (colleague)
Seseri Chono (colleague)
Cecil Sudo (colleague)
Natsuna Hotaru (colleague)
Mitsuhisa Hachiya (colleague)
Moyo Tento (colleague)
Tsunomi Kabutohara (colleague)
Tobirou Kamakiri (colleague)
Status Alive
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Ayumi Tsunematsu
English Voice Shelley Calene-Black
Anime Lady Justice
Image Gallery
Ageha (蝶野 アゲハ, Chōno Ageha) is 32 years old. She is a bossy woman who is a senior partner in the Butterfly Law Office.


Ageha Chono has orange hair tied in pigtails on both sides of her head. Her eyes are yellowish green and she wears purple square spectacles. Ageha wears a red blouse, under a pale yellow sweater and a purple colored robe. She also wears brown shorts. As accessories, Ageha wears hoop earings with an inverted heart shaped stone, pink hearts bracelet and butterfly hairpins. Ageha also puts on proper makeup, wearing bright red lipstick and pink nail polish. She is 168 cm tall.


Ageha Chono is the boss of the law firm. However, she is not afraid of breaking a rule[1] as she always manages to find a solution to even the most complicated situations.[2][3] Unlike her brother, Ageha is calm, collected and adored by everyone. She is never opposed by her co-workers and tries to solve a raising conflict with the least efforts possible. However, Ageha never steps in the arguments unless its needed. She is kind-hearted and caring, but strict when the situation demands it. She is devoted to her work and takes every case seriously, no matter how difficult it might be.[3]





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