Kiba Sameoka
Kanji 鮫岡 生羽
Rōmaji Sameoka Kiba
Personal Information
Age 25
Gender Male
Race Magician
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Amber
Professional Information
Magic Magic touch
Affiliation Shark Knight Law Office
Position Senior partner
Status Alive
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Junichi Suwabe
English Voice Andrew Love
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Kiba (鮫岡 生羽, Sameoka Kiba) is the 25 year old senior partner at Shark Knight law office, the Butterfly Law Office's rival.

Appearence Edit

Kiba is tall and slender young man with blonde spike hair, amber eyes, and tanned skin. He shown wears a oval-shaped glasses. He wears a bluish cyan blouse with red necktie and white vest and deep blue suit consist deep blue coat with grey lining and black top collar and deep blue pants. in official website, his height is 183 cm.

Personality Edit

Kiba shown to be professional Benmashi, as shown he completed case quickly. He can be forceful sometime, such a asking Cecil joining his office multiple time. However, it turns out he actually want protect her from people who want kill her, It is implied he dosen't mind Cecil joining his office or not.

Sypnosis Edit

He knows something about the incident regarding Cecil six years ago. He tried to bring Cecil away from Shizuma during episode/case 10 but was stopped by an unknown wudz.