Kohinata Souta

He was a worker of Mizuki bank until he quit because his co-workers made fun of him everyday for being a wizard. However, Endo always greeted and was nice to him which made him very happy, and he started to like her. After he quit, he came into the bank everyday just to see her, which showed how much he liked her, but on day a gang called No Face Gang attacked the bank attempting to rob it and one of the members took Endo as a hostage and was about to kill her using his gun magic but he was stopped and killed the same time by Kohinata Souta. The other members of the gang got away before police arrived. Kohinata Souta was then arrested for killing one of the gang member, and was later accused by police of being a gang member himself and killing a friend because of an argument. In addition, because he visited the bank everyday, they also said that he was scouting out the bank so that the gang could rob it since he was an employee of the bank, he would know everything about the bank. However, he was represented by Cecil Sudo, who tried her hardest, but no one took her seriously because of the way she dressed. Later, Ageha Chono used the information that she got with Tobirou Kamakiri to determine the No Face Gang's hideout, and Cecil Sudo fought their Diabloid with her's and was able to stop them, but they were captured by Seseri Chono's Diabloids. They were later carried to court to confess to their crime, and Kohinata Souta was free to go with the evidence presented.