Kyusaku Odagiri ("Your Honor") was the judge who presides over all of Cecil Sudo's cases in the Court for Magic.

Personality Edit

Odagiri is a rather stern man, who performs his job with efficiency. He can be strict about court etiquette. The first time she saw Cecil's attire (which she called her "battle clothes"), he commented that it wasn't "the time for cosplay" ("a costume ball", in the dub). Him commenting on her "cosplay outfit" became a running gag through her trials.

Nevertheless, he seems to be a rather fair-minded judge; he is willing to forfeit procedure for the sake of the truth and making sure the defendant gets a fair trial. Following the imprisonment of Makusu Shimon during Cecil's fifth trial, he complimented the young wizard barrister on how much she's grown, despite still wearing her same "cosplay outfit".