Lady Justice
Butterfly Law Office
Kanji レディ・ジャスティス
Rōmaji Redi.Jasutisu
Number 01
Air Date January 12, 2014
Music Themes
Opening Justitia by Lia
Ending Blue Topaz by Rui Tanabe
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Hard Case
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Lady Justice Sword and Scale (レディ・ジャスティス, Redi.Jasutisu) is the first episode of Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil anime series.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit


Cecil Sudo, a brand new Wizard Barrister, ends up witnessing a bank robbery on her way to her first day at Butterfly Law Offices. Coincidentally, a man named Kohinata Souta was being apprehended on suspicions of being part of the No Face gang—a group of Wizards that have attempted to rob a bank—and Cecil takes it upon herself to defend the suspect in the murder of a would be robber. While she believes his words of it being in self-defense, the police are attempting to prove that Kohinata was actually apart of the robbery, and killed one of his partners for an unknown reason. Later on, Cecil and a co-worker, Moyo Tento, are attacked by a pair of Wizards, but the pair is taken by surprise when Cecil fights back using her own magic. The two Wizards run away, but Cecil ends up being arrested by the police for violating the magic-prohibition law.

Major events Edit

  • Otoo Shigeki is sentenced to death for a magic rampage.
  • Cecil Sudo and Natsuna Hotaru join the Butterfly Law Offices.
  • The No Face gang bank robbery incident occurs, and Kohinata Souta is arrested on suspicion of murdering a member of No Face with magic.
  • Cecil and Moyo Tento are ambushed by muggers, and Cecil uses her Diaboloid magic in self-defense.