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This is a list of Wizard Barristers Episodes!

# Picture Case name Original airdate
01 Episode-01 Lady Justice

Redi.Jasutisu (レディ・ジャスティス)
Sword and Scale

January 12, 2014
02 Episode-02 Hard Case

Hādo.Kēsu (ハード.ケース)

January 19, 2014
03 Episode-03 Love and Hate

Rabu.Ando.Heito (ラブ.アンド.ヘイト)

January 26, 2014
04 Episode-04 Personality Crisis

Pāsonariti. Kuraishisu (パーソナリティ.クライシス)

February 2, 2014
05 Episode-05 Six Nine

Shitsukusu.Nain (シツクス.ナイン)

February 9, 2014
06 Episode-06 Hero Show

Hīrō.Shiyō (ヒーロー.シヨー)

February 16, 2014
07 Episode-07 Maple Leaf in CANADA

Meipuru Rīfu.In.Kanada (メイプルリーフ.イン.カナダ)

February 23, 2014
08 Episode-08 Saint Christopher Charm

Kurisutofā.Chāmu (クリストファー・チャーム)

March 2, 2014
09 Episode-09 Secret Puzzle

Shīkuretto.Pazuru (シークレット・パズル)

March 9, 2014
10 Episode-10 Imposter

Inposutā (インポスター)

March 16, 2014
11 Episode-11 Shining Cecil

Shainingu.Seshiru (シャイニング.セシル)

March 23, 2014
12 Episode-12 Fact of Fiction

Jajjimento (ジャッジメント)

March 30, 2014

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