List of the magic prohibition articles shown at the end of  episodes 1-10.


  • Article 1: Magic use against penal, civil, or commercial code is prohibited.
  • Article 2: Those using magic illegally are tried in the Court of Magic.
  • Article 3: In the Court of Magic, Wizard Barristers protect wizards' basic rights.
  • Article 4: Wizard Barristers protect wizards' basic rights.
  • Article 5: One who has awakened to magic must be registered.
  • Article 6: It is prohibited for a public office to hire registered wizards.
  • Article 7: The Court for Magic holds only a single, fast trial. (Note: There is a preliminary hearing.)
  • Article 8: If a familiar breaks the law, the owner is held responsible.
  • Article 9: Use of metallic mobile objects is generally prohibited.
  • Article 10: Magic used for social justice is permitted.

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