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Mayu Saotome
Mayu Saotome
Kanji 早乙女 真夕
Rōmaji Saotome Mayu
Personal Information
Age 25
Gender Female
Race Magician
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Crimson
Relatives Masato Namase (boyfriend)
Professional Information
Magic Wave magic
Occupation Magician
Status Deceased
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Mikako Komatsu
Anime Love and Hate
Image Gallery
Mayu Saotome (早乙女 真夕, Saotome Mayu) is a 25 year old magical user. She is a suspect of causing an explosion, which leads to the death of Oizumi, who was Masato Namase's employer and the main culprit for his death.




Wave magic: The ability to vibrate air at high frequencies to destructive effect.



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