Moyo Tento
Kanji 天刀 もよ
Rōmaji Tento Moyo
Personal Information
Age 21
Gender Female
Race Demon (fallen Angel)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Yellow
Professional Information
Magic Space-time manipulation
Occupation Paralegal
Affiliation Butterfly Law Office
Partners Ageha Chono (superior)
Seseri Chono (deputy superior)
Cecil Sudo (colleague)
Natsuna Hotaru (colleague)
Mitsuhisa Hachiya (colleague)
Koromo Sasori (colleague)
Tsunomi Kabutohara (colleague)
Status Alive
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Ayana Taketatsu
English Voice Monica Rial
Anime Lady Justice
Image Gallery
Moyo Tento (天刀 もよ,Tento Moyo) is a 21 year old paralegal.

She is actually Lucifer in disguise of a human. And she always tries to protect Cecil. It was revealed later in the episode 11 of the anime that Lucifer already descended to earth after Cecil was brought back to life. the epilogue of the final episode of the anime Moyo will tell Cecil about who she really is.


Moyo Tento has short black hair and yellow eyes. She wears red jacket with black and white stripes on the stand-up collar and the sleeves. Underneath, she wears a white shirt and black pants with a tear on her thigh of the right leg. A chain is connected to this pair of pants. Moyo wears black-brown high heels. She wears black necklace around her neck with golden X pendant on it. In official website, her height is 162 cm.


Moyo can be described as a carefree and cheerful person. She is extremely energetic and loves to tease Cecil. A running gag is when Cecil going to Canada, Moyo crying because she leaving her. causing people confused she is Cecil mother. However, she can have a slightly scary side to her as well. Moyo enjoys eating anything as long as it has mayonnaise or ketchup on it. 


Space-time manipulation


Living as a human being under the appearance of Moyo Tento,[1]Lucifer descended to the living world six years ago, when Cecil was killed by Makusu Shimon[2] and brought back to life by Makusu Shimon's summoning magic as David Sudo, Cecil's dad, requested..


As stated by Moyo in Cecil's body, normally Lucifer will assist his/her summoner but due to her obsession with Cecil she decided to go against it and stand by Cecil.



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