Natsuna Hotaru
Kanji 穂樽 夏菜
Rōmaji Hotaru Natsuna
Personal Information
Age 22
Gender Female
Race Magician
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Professional Information
Magic Dust Tamer
Occupation Barrister
Affiliation Butterfly Law Office
Position Benmashi
Partners Ageha Chono (superior)
Seseri Chono (deputy superior)
Cecil Sudo (colleague)
Koromo Sasori (colleague)
Mitsuhisa Hachiya (colleague)
Moyo Tento (colleague)
Tsunomi Kabutohara (colleague)
Status Alive
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Kei Shindō
English Voice Kira Vincent-Davis
Anime Lady Justice
Image Gallery
Natsuna (穂樽 夏菜, Hotaru Natsuna) is 22 years old and a rookie Benmashi. She acts very coldly towards Cecil at the beginning, though she admits of being envious of her success seeing as they started at Butterfly Law Office at the same time.


Natsuna Hotaru has back-length black hair and chocolate-colored eyes. She is most often seen wearing a dark green jacket over a blue dress with white and purple frills. She wears light brown tights and black flats. On the official website, her height is 157 cm[1]


Hotaru is seen as a very serious person. Hotaru seems extremely hostile towards Cecil, mainly because she believes that Cecil hasn't had enough experience to become a Wizard Barrister. She can be described as "jealous" because of the fact that Cecil has been given many opportunities to take on cases, while she has had none.  

Most of Natsuna's foul attitude towards Cecil comes from her feeling that the latter has had no struggles through her life yet has walked into opportunities, whereas she has been through heartache and trauma, yet hasn't had any many. During episode 8 when the two are stuck on a trip to Canada together, they open up about their pasts to each other. It's at this time that Natsuna reveals that she fell in love with her teacher when in college, but he was already married. He also refused to have an affair with her. She still clings onto her feelings though, and would still constantly go to his lectures just to see him, and think about him. This was one of the main things making Natsuna such a bitter person, and it also pushed her drive to work as a single-minded individual who valued her hard work effort, and hated "easy-going" types that had everything in life handed to them, such as who she thought Cecil was.

After opening up about herself, Natsuna seemed to be able to let her feelings go at least somewhat, and became a more positive person. This was in combination with learning the truth about why Cecil had become a wizard barrister, as well as visiting Cecil's father. Afterwards, Natsuna was much more friendly towards Cecil, and even stood up for her when she was being yelled at for being late. Although she still put up the front of being someone who didn't care.

Abilities Edit

Hotaru uses dust/sand magic. 




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