Quinn Erari
Kanji 江来利 クイン
Rōmaji Erari Kuin
Personal Information
Age 23
Gender Female
Race Human
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Dark Brown
Professional Information
Magic None
Weapon Gun
Occupation Inspector
Affiliation Metropolitan Police Department
Position Police inspector
Partners Shizumu Ekusou (colleague)
Status Alive
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Marina Inoue
English Voice Rachel Robinson
Anime Lady Justice
Image Gallery
Quinn (江来利 クイン, Erari Kuin) is a 23 year old police inspector in section 1 of the Metropolitan Police Department. She is also the partner of Shizumu Ekusou.

Appearence Edit

Quinn is a young woman with long orange hair and brown eyes. She has pale skin and medium voluptous figures. Her work attire consists of a grey V-neck T-shirt a black coat and black pants with a golden belt, and black sneakers. She is 170cm tall..

Personality Edit

Quinn can be described as a 'Tomboyish but sensitive and caring person', it's shown that she is fearless against criminals and her consernation about Shizumu and other Benmashi. She is shown to be an avid smoker.