Tsunomi Kabutohara
Kanji 甲原 角美
Rōmaji Kabutohara Tsunomi
Personal Information
Age 23
Gender Female
Race Magician
Hair Color DarkGoldenrod
Eye Color Turquoise
Professional Information
Magic Evil Wind
Occupation Benmashi
Affiliation Butterfly Law Office
Position Associate
Partners Ageha Chono (colleague)
Seseri Chono (colleague)
Cecil Sudo (colleague)
Natsuna Hotaru (colleague)
Mitsuhisa Hachiya (colleague)
Moyo Tento (colleague)
Koromo Sasori (colleague)
Status Alive
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Miho Arakawa
English Voice Krystal LaPorte
Anime Lady Justice
Image Gallery
Tsunomi (甲原 角美, Kabutohara Tsunomi) is a 23 year old associate. She is a bit of an airhead who does things at her own pace. While still being friendly, she acts more adult than the majority of the other office employees and as such, is somewhat old-fashioned. However, according to Momoyon, she has quite the temper.